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Building Amazon FreeRTOS example in Eclipse for ESP32



I downloaded Amazon FreeRTOS from AWS page for ESP32-devkitc board and wanted to test MQTT example. I have ESP IDF and using Eclipse IDE which by default comes with ESP-IDF, but I am not able to build the example as there it is not showing "build" option for any of those examples. So...

  1. After downloading Amazon FreeRTOS, How to import example in Eclipse.
  2. If required then what are configurations i need to do and how to build the example in Eclipse.
1 Answer

This is a very Eclipse centric question and I am not sure AWS would be able to answer it.

That being said, esp-idf comes with utility (you just need to reference the right path and env variables).

The file gives you the ability to interact with the device build, flash, monitor etc. Consult the Eclipse documentation to reference this utility and build directly from the IDE or just invoke it from the terminal.

answered 8 months ago

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