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Error with Workspace HTML5 Client


First a question, then a problem Is there an ‘internal’ portal for Workspaces? I want to keep traffic to the workspaces off the public internet. Users will access through direct connect if there is an option to connect via something in our VPC. Similar to S3 Access point in that respect.

I setup a PoC workspace and it works fine with the windows client but the web client gives this error on 3 different machines on 2 different networks. All trying firefox and chrome. Same error all. The odd part is that there are only one or two google hits on this error so it must be very unusual. From my same machine I can connect to one of our Client’s Workspaces with Web client but not my own. HTML Client is enabled in workspaces and it lets me log on, just fails to present the desktop. ** An Error Occurred while connecting to your workspace. If the problem persists please contact your Workspace Administrator. ERR_SIG_CREATE_FAILED**

asked 4 months ago24 views
2 Answers

To connect to WorkSpaces, internet connectivity is required. Here are the IP address and port requirements. Both WSP and PCoIP WorkSpaces are encrypted in transit.

The WorkSpaces Web Access is pretty limited. I highly recommend you use one of the clients for Windows or macOS for the best experience.

If you want to use web access and meet the requirements on the page above, I would recommend opening up a support case.

answered 4 months ago

Thanks, that answers the question on an internal access portal for Workspaces. I believe my deployment matches the requirements for HMTL5 access. 2019 Server PCoIP. Web Access check box selected.

I don't have AWS support or am not sure how to get it if my account doesn't have it activated.

answered 4 months ago

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