Is it possible to transfer Jupyter notebook instance to a different region?


While learning about Deep Racer, I have by mistake chosen region as Oregon. It appears that Deep Racer will work only on N.Virginia. Enter image description here

Is it possible to transfer this notebook instance to N.Virginia or do I need to start fresh with N.Virginia.

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Hi! I'm afraid you will have to set up a new instance in another region. You can download your Jupyter Notebooks and import them in the new instance.

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answered 4 months ago

Amazon SageMaker Notebook instances are managed instances that at this time you cannot move between regions. However, you can copy your data between notebooks using S3. To do this, select your notebook instance on the screen you showed, it will take you to a detailed view. In that view you will see a section called Permissions and encryption, the section has a link to the IAM policy of the notebook. Follow that link to IAM, and ensure that your notebook has access to an S3 bucket. You will have to create a bucket before granting access.

To do this follow the instructions here. Provide permissions in IAM, as defined here.

Once your Notebook role has access to the bucket you specify, you can launch your notebook and copy all your files to that bucket as follows. Open the Notebook, by pressing Open Jupyter. From the dropdown on the top right of the Jupyter environment select New followed by Terminal in the dropdown. You can then use the AWS command line to copy the files, specifically aws s3 cp. To do this from the terminal:

aws s3 cp . s3://[your bucket name] --recursive

This will copy all your files to the S3 bucket. Then in your new bucket located in us-east-1, setup the notebook with the same S3 permissions, and copy the files from S3 back to your new instance using the following command:

aws s3 cp s3://[your bucket name] . --recursive

Once you have copied all the files, you can delete the old notebook.

answered 4 months ago

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