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/migrate data to new Aurora cluster/

migrate data to new Aurora cluster


Hi team,

I modified my CDK code to add the encryption option in my Existing Aurora DB cluster => which created a brand new cluster.

now I have 2 clusters :

  • the old cluster (non-encrypted)
  • the new cluster created after CDK changes (the encrypted one)

how can I take existing data from my old cluster (the non-encrypted one) and inject them into the newly created cluster( the encrypted one created following CDK changes)?

Thank you :)

2 Answers

Restore a snapshot from the unencrypted database into the encrypted database by specifying the KMS key used for encryption:

answered a month ago
  • Thank you for your answer :) but this doesn't answer my question

    I have a new Aurora cluster created because I changed the encryption option (un-encrypted => to encrypted) via CDK code now I would like to copy my data from the original cluster (the non-encrypted one) ==> to the newly created one (the encrypted one)

    Thank you

  • if you are not using snapshot to from unencrypted cluster to create an encrypted cluster. you can use dms to migrate the data.


When you restore a snapshot, it creates a new DB Cluster, see:

You specify the KMS key as a parameter on your restore, see:

Look for --kms-key-id

Since the CDK creates CloudFormation templates, you'll likely have to import the new cluster into your stack. See:

answered a month ago

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