Got bill using practice


I have created the AWS account for practical knowledge. But i got certain amount as bill for payment. Please wave of the amount. I cant pay it

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Hi, Indira

Contacting AWS Support is the fastest and most direct method for communicating with an AWS associate about your questions. AWS Support does not publish a direct phone number for reaching a support representative. You can use the following process to have an associate contact you by email or phone instead.

How to contact support for the Billing issue:

To open an AWS Support case where you specify Regarding: Account and Billing Support, you must either be signed into your AWS account as the root account owner, or have IAM permissions to open a support case.

  1. Sign into your AWS account and navigate to AWS Support Center. If prompted, enter the email address and password for your account.
  2. Choose Create case.
  3. On the Create case page, choose Account and billing support and fill in the required fields on the form.
  4. After you complete the form, under Contact options, choose either Web for an email response, or Phone to request a telephone call from an AWS Support representative. Instant messaging support is not available for billing inquiries.

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First of all, I'd suggest you to setup budget alert, which would notify you, if your usage goes above the defined threshold. This is very important specially for beginners, AWS free tier provides wide ranges of resources/services for learning but at the same time, you may end up using resources which are not free tier eligible.

Setting up AWS budgets and configure alarm on those, which would notify you, if you exceed the defined usage threshold. Follow the Well Architected Lab instructions here for setting up budget alert based on your usage.

Now, coming back to your actual question, I'd suggest you to log a case under Account and billing category to AWS Support providing them the details of your case, they will analyze your case and based on that decision would be made.

Hope you find this information helpful. Comment here if you have additional questions, happy to help.


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