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Block polly due to a loop of requests


Hi, I'm using polly for a low number of SynthesizeSpeech requests. For a possible bug that could somehow send a very high amount of requests in a loop, there is a way to block this service following an out of the ordinary use of resources, maybe with some policies (I can't find a target function that's right for me to work with a cloudwatch alarm), or maybe like other aws services it is supervised and freezes following unusual activities? Thank you in advance.

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2 Answers

Hi NickDrake,

Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately there is no mechanisms we can propose other than tweaking some code that will track generated traffic and block it if it exceeds a certain accepted limit on the client side.

On the other had you can also request a limit 'decrease' using this page for Amazon Polly using this link:

Thank you,

answered 2 years ago

Thank you! However, I admit that it is a feature not easy to find in online searches, I have never found any suggestions related to the settings about limits of the the various services. Very useful advice.

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answered 2 years ago

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