How can we pass one Lambda function's event to another lambda?


I am using AWS Lambda function in AWS Connect Contact Flow. I am invoking one lambda function from another lambda function. I want to pass my Invoker lambda function's event to second lambda function. My first lambda is receiving an event from Contact Flow but I want to call the second Lambda function by passing same event. Is there any way to use same event for my second lambda function. My first lambda function's event looks like this:

{'Details': {'ContactData': {'Attributes': {}, 'Channel': 'VOICE', 'ContactId': '7417-dc-45a-8213-e6eb0c68343c', 'CustomerEndpoint': {'Address': '+187737', 'Type': 'TELEPHONE_NUMBER'}, 'CustomerId': None, 'Description': None, 'InitialContactId': '74-456a-8213-e6eb343c', 'InitiationMethod': 'OUTBOUND', 'InstanceARN': 'arn:aws:connect:eu-central-1:048600317115:instance/ba4b5110-72fd-4511321-e8b2f', 'LanguageCode': 'en-US', 'MediaStreams': {'Customer': {'Audio': None}}, 'Name': None, 'PreviousContactId': '745585577-d37c-456a-8213-e0c68343c', 'Queue': {'ARN': 'arn:aws:connect:eu-central-1:04654567115:instance/ba4b5110-72fd-451b-a94d-a5b3555552f/queue/22555551-3b99-47ed-9cab-5a026122e56e', 'Name': 'outboundQueue', 'OutboundCallerId': {'Address': '+31205555689', 'Type': 'TELEPHONE_NUMBER'}}, 'References': {}, 'SystemEndpoint': {'Address': '+31205522559', 'Type': 'TELEPHONE_NUMBER'}}, 'Parameters': {'sf_fields': 'Id, Name, account.City_CB__c', 'sf_operation': 'phoneLookup', 'sf_phone': '.+4915959595195'}}, 'Name': 'ContactFlowEvent'}

How I can call second lambda function with the same event? How I can achieve this?

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Just put the Event as the payload into your function. Then extract the original Event from the second Lambda Event.

answered 2 years ago

It is an anti-pattern to call one lambda from another lambda. Please use SQS queue or step-functions as documented here -

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answered 2 years ago
  • if it is an anti-pattern, why is this implementation still available and why has its use not been withdrawn as a bad practice?

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