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aurora serverless as source and destination for DMS


My organisation recently acquired a different org and I am trying to migrate their aurora serverless db to its my accounts. The acquired company's customers will take a while to migrate their connections to the new DB, and therefore for a period of time, both the DBs should be operational, and in sync.Although Aurora serverless is supported as source for DMS, it doesnt allow CDC. For ongoing replication, It is required to change the values of binlog_format parameter for source database. Although, Aurora serverless allows changing value for this parameter but it has no impact in actual. Only a few parameters are supported for change which are listed here. Is there a workaround to approach this?

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As called out in the documentation, here, Aurora MySQL Serverless does not support binlogs.

Not much you can do here, other than pausing all writes to the source (take a downtime), and migrate entire DB in a single shot. Then switch apps to the destination endpoint.

answered 2 years ago

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