large data deletion in sparql in aws neptune


I am trying deletion of whole data in aws neptune(RDF Format ) using sparql I tried deleting whole data using sparql query using drop all but didn't work as I was getting time out error.then I tried deleting data using delete and giving particular rdf type getting deadline exceeded error I Have also tried by filtering particular property then also I getting error and limit offset not working because I am executing queries using workbench magic command so please anybody suggest how to delete.

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Accepted Answer

If you are receiving a timeout from Neptune when running a large query, such as the delete operation referenced here, then you can extend the timeout at the cluster level by changing the neptune_query_timeout to a larger value. This will require a reboot of the cluster but modifying this value will change the global timeout and allow for longer running queries.

If you need additional help, I would suggest opening a support case if possible or if not, then please provide additional details on the error you are receiving here as well as a sample set of data to reproduce the issue if possible.

answered 9 months ago
  • Thankyou @ Dave-AWS for giving answer I will try increasing timeout limit .

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