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Cross-Account // Cross Org costs



Does anyone know if this is a factor in a cost model? We are going to setup our own org within AWS to build Control Tower, but we are also taking services from our ISP in another account. The traffic will mainly be between the 2 organizations within the same region, over transit GW.

Is there an added cost for cross-organization traffic?



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I assume you are talking about TGW 'Intra-region' peering as you mentioned both Organizations are in the same region - This is charged to owners of each TGW. So there are two hourly charges. TGW1 per hour charge and TGW2 per hour charge.

For more info, see this link that has following included: "For peering attachments, each Transit Gateway owner is billed hourly for the peering attachment with the other Transit Gateway."

In addition to above there are data processing charges per GB of data processed.

answered a month ago
  • Hi, the question really was: When the traffic is between Organizations in AWS (in the same region), does that influence the cost in any way. I guess not, since at the moment I cannot really see anything stating it otherwise. So if we were to send traffic from one AWS org to another AWS org (Cross Account), there is no factor that would increase that cost?

  • Hi, Your understanding is correct, there is no additional cost because the traffic is between Organizations.


If you are referring to Data Transfer charges, then if this is sent via TGW between different organizations but in the same AWS Region, then there are no additional charges for that networking data transfer usage.

answered a month ago

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