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Cloudwatch agent


Hey, I have a query about cloudwatch agent metrics for windows server ,below are the metrics available for windows server .

Processor % Idle Time,

Processor % Interrupt Time ,

Processor % User Time ,

PhysicalDisk % Disk Time ,

PhysicalDisk Disk Write Bytes/sec ,

PhysicalDisk Disk Read Bytes/sec ,

PhysicalDisk Disk Writes/sec ,

PhysicalDisk Disk Reads/sec ,

Paging File % Usage ,

LogicalDisk % Free Space ,

Memory % Committed Bytes In Use ,

TCPv4 Connections Established ,

TCPv6 Connections Established ,

But how can get the below metrics for windows server ?

--mem-util --mem-used --mem-avail

--disk-space-util --disk-space-used --disk-space-avail

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