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Using Designer to connect a route table to a subnet


Trying to follow this walkthrough. Getting stuck at Step 1: Add and connect resources item 17: Drag a connection from the PublicRouteTable resource to the PublicSubnet resource to associate the route table and subnet. I’m not seeing any attachment points on the route table other than depends on. How to make the connection?

Ref: Walkthrough: Use AWS CloudFormation Designer to create a basic web server

asked 7 months ago59 views
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Accepted Answer

When you mouse-over the "PublicRouteTable" resource, there is a pink (DependsOn) dot that you can drag to the "PublicSubnet" resource so as to make a association connection. Route Table has to associate with Subnet(s) so as to take effect, which is the same procedure when you are performing subnet associations in Route Tables via AWS management Console.

answered 7 months ago
  • Thank you. This is the correct answer. I was having a problem because I feel this is not as intuitive as the other connection types between resources. Also, I was having an issue forming that connection when I tried. Trick was to drag the arrow to be inside the subnet. The expected border highlights were not there. Knowing that the depends on dot on the route table was indeed the correct starting point made the difference.

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