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/I can't find my EC2 instance in my dashboard/

I can't find my EC2 instance in my dashboard


My friend created an EC2 instance and shared it with me (I received an invitation email from AWS when he shared) and I have been using it to host my blog. However today when I logged into AWS using the same email that my friend shared the EC2 with me, I cannot see that EC2 anymore. I have looked in all US regions. I am still able to ssh to the EC2, I just can't see it in the dashboard. What should I do to show the EC2 in my dashboard? Thanks

asked 15 days ago29 views
1 Answers

Rather than hunting through regions, you could try EC2 Global View in the EC2 dashboard or via If you still can't see it are you sure you're logged into the right account?

answered 15 days ago

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