Cloudformation definition for "Cloudwatch Alarm" based on "Metrics Insights query"


I want to define "Cloudwatch Alarm" based on "Metrics Insights query" use Cloudformation but i can't find any information how to do that. With "Cloudwatch Alarm" in Cloudformation documentation all I found is that i can create alarm use specified metric or metric math expression but not for "Metrics Insights query", for "Metrics Insights query" I can create it and then create "Cloudwatch Alarm" in Management Console not Cloudformation. Is there no Cloudformation definition for "Metrics Insights query" and create create "Cloudwatch Alarm" based on it? Thanks

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Hi, sorry to hear that the documentation is not clear enough. You found documentation that explains how to create an alarm on a metric math expression: creating an alarm on a metrics insights query works exactly the same way, simply write the SQL metrics insights query as your metric math expression.

Here is an example in yaml:

Type: AWS::CloudWatch::Alarm
    AlarmName: MI_Alarm_sample
    ActionsEnabled: true
    OKActions: []
    AlarmActions: []
    InsufficientDataActions: []
    Dimensions: []
    EvaluationPeriods: 1
    DatapointsToAlarm: 1
    Threshold: 0
    ComparisonOperator: LessThanOrEqualToThreshold
    TreatMissingData: missing
        - Id: q1
          ReturnData: true
          Expression: SELECT AVG(visits) FROM SCHEMA("SITES/TRAFFIC", site)
          Period: 300

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answered 7 months ago

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