Can't RDP into EC2 after snapshot restoration


My EC2 got hacked so I restored a snapshot to a new machine. However when I try to connect to it through RDP for the first time, I click on "Get password", then I get the error message: "Password is not available. Please wait at least 4 minutes after launching an instance before trying to retrieve the auto-generated password."

I'ts been 10 days and message is the same. FYI I'm not very advanced with AWS, so I'd appreciate it if you could detail suggestions. Thanks in advance! Olivier.

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Please try changing the administrator password using the steps in the document below.
To perform these steps, you need Systems Manager setup on EC2.

Or, if you still have the EC2 that is the source of the snapshot, please set up Sysprep using the steps described in the document below, then take the snapshot and try restoring it.

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answered 11 days ago
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Hi Riku, Thanks for your answer, I followed the first procedure described in your first link and managed to connect! Solved :).

answered 10 days ago

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