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Hi AWS, my organization is planning to develop a mechanism around filtering unused or orphaned EC2 instance and terminate them as it is incurring cost even though not being in use. I figured out that the services like Cost Explorer can solve this issue to some extent where it will provide you the cost for a given service/resource usage. Furthermore in order to figure out granular level details like:

  • Unused Elastic IP Addresses
  • Unused EBS Volumes
  • Unused snapshots (Snapshots that are not associated with AMI)
  • Unused Security Groups (Snapshots that are not associated with any EC2)
  • Unused Elastic Load Balancers (ELBs with no instances)
  • Unused Launch Configurations (LCs that are not associated with a ASG)
  • Unused Auto Scaling Groups (ASGs that Desired Capacity set to 0)
  • Unused EC2 Instance

and I figured out Trusted Advisor is best suited AWS service to address these issues. In simple terms I need to generate a report (weekly/monthly/quarterly) depending on the requirements highlighting the cost usage for the same. There is no CIO team for the same and being working in a solo environment in a small team I am a little confused how to start approaching to this problem statement. Please help and provide if there are other better options like Lambda Functions, AWS Config etc. can able to solve this problem functionally keeping both the financial and security aspect into notice.

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You should start by reading this blog focused on cost optimization via Trusted Advisor:

Then, you probably want to leverage the Trusted Advisor QuickSight dashboard to have a global view from which you start to optimize based on your priorities:



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answered 2 months ago


You can achieve it by enabling notifications in the AWS Trusted Advisor or by programmatically calling its API. Please start from here.

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answered 2 months ago

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