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get root login to my iAM user



my problem is, that I can login as an iAm user to my "new" account (Id:1234) , but I don't know how to login as root to this account to change my debit card. You can say " just get a new password for the account" , but here comes the tricky part. Several years back I have made an aws user with my email, and I can login to this account (id:5678) as root, but this account has no iAM users, so this not belongs to my "new" account. I receive from booth accounts mails, that I have to change my debit card because they can not charge it. It looks like that I have two account with the same email address. How can I get a root login to my "new" account?



2 Answers

If you can login to one of the accounts, change the email associated with that user account. You should then be able to log into the other account and update your card.

answered 10 months ago

Hi there, two AWS account cannot have the same email address. However, if you are receiving emails from two different AWS accounts then likely what happened is that you might have opened your original account (5678) with your actual email address and the second one by appending a "+" and another string, i.e. "+1234@..". If the mail server supports it, it will forward the email to the original email. If you are trying to figure out the root email for account "1234" then I'd recommend looking at the "to" field of the emails you're receiving for both account as you will see the email address used to open the account. Once you have it you can then go through the normal reset password workflow for the root user.

answered 10 months ago

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