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/HIVE_UNKNOWN_ERROR: Duplicate key string/

HIVE_UNKNOWN_ERROR: Duplicate key string


I am trying to execute in Athena a simple query on a hive table stored in s3.

SELECT FROM "database"."table" limit 10;*

but i get the following error. HIVE_UNKNOWN_ERROR: Duplicate key string

These are the characteristics of the table:

Classification: parquet

Input format:

Serde serialization lib:


has_encrypted_data: false

compressionType: none

typeOfData: file

Any ideas ???

1 Answers


From the error message it looks like your Parquet data has duplicate keys. Usually, if it's JSON data and if the duplicates are caused by naming convention -- some fields are in uppercase and some are in lowercase, we then have SerDe property case.insensitive'='false' for ''. More details in the link 1.

I have tested similar data mentioned in the article by converting to Parquet and did not face any issue. Please open a support ticket with Athena team and provide your query ID, table DDL and sample data if possible for us to troubleshoot.


answered 3 months ago

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