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/Trying to display Quicksight dashboard on Webpage/

Trying to display Quicksight dashboard on Webpage


Hi, I am trying to display the dashboard I have created on QuickSight to a webpage. I have published the dashboard and used the 'Copy Embed Code' option to copy the URL to the html page.

I am getting the error ' refused to connect.'

Is there anyway to make the URL work in the html page?

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Based on the error, it seems that your domain it is not allow-listed in Quicksight.

See step 2 in the 1-click embedding dashboard section of the documentation.

The adding domain for embedding process is explained in details here.

Also, for QuickSight related questions we have launched a fully dedicated community; in case you have additional best practice questions and want to check for already existing answers.

Hope this helps,

answered 2 months ago

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