Lambda Alias don't use "General configuration"



When running the general lambda functions with a query, it works fine. However, the signal gets killed when running the same query with an alias version of the lambda functions. The "General configuration" isn't used for the alias, and the default time and memory are used. Is there a way to make the alias use the "General configuration", or is there a way to allocate more memory and time for the alias?

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I am not sure what you mean by:

  • running function with a query
  • signal gets killed
  • general configuration

However, I will try to answer what I think you mean. An alias is just a pointer to a specific function version. Each function version has its own code and configuration. Once a version is created, it is immutable, i.e., it can't be changed. If you need different configuration for a version, make the configuration changes and then publish the new version. Then you can point the alias to the new version and the new config will be used.

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