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AWS Public Prices in EUR



I need to get all AWS Public prices in EUR and not in USD.

I used the Bulk Price API but the prices are all in USD.

Any way to get them in EUR ?

Thanks for your help

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2 Answers

Hi FabienG,

At the moment all billing reporting tools (Cost Explorer, Cost and Usage Report, Budgets and other billing reports), as well as Public Pricing bulk API only show prices and bills in USD, because the exchange rate will change on a daily basis. The final rate that's used to generate your bill is only displayed on your finalized AWS bill (invoice) that you would normally use for payment.

I shared more info on this question here:

I hope this info helps!

answered a month ago

Hi Fabien,

As per the article, "Can I pay my AWS bill in a currency other than US dollars (USD)?"

When using a non-USD currency, consider the following:

All preferred currency amounts shown in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console are estimated in USD.
Your finalized monthly bill is generated in the local currency you choose.
Rates can change daily. The exchange rate applied to your invoice is the current rate when your invoice is created.
Note: Currency conversion is provided by Amazon Services LLC.
You can change your local currency at any time, but after an invoice is finalized, the invoice must be paid in that currency.
You can pay invoices in non-USD currencies by using Visa or MasterCard. All other cards are charged only in USD.
Note: If you choose a payment currency that the card issuer doesn't support, you might be charged foreign currency conversion charges or fees.

-— Brian D.

answered a month ago
  • HI Brain,

    Thanks for your answer,

    How can we get the Currency conversion rate provided by Amazon Services LLC.Is there any API to get this rate ? So I can convert the USD public prices to EUR.


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