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/CloudFront deployment runs infinetely/

CloudFront deployment runs infinetely


Hi there. It seems that the CloudFront deployment runs for a very long time when adding alternate domain names. It just tells mme in the console all the time: "Deploying". Apparently, it runs long enough to let my CloudFormation deployment fail and start a rollback. This is quite annoying as the deployment is done over a pipeline. Sure, I could workaround and disable the automatic rollback - but honestly, this is not how this should work. We already have other distros configured in the exact same way which worked and still work. But today, for my whole deployment wave in 5 accounts, the CloudFront distros won't be deployed with the custom domains.

Is there a known issue going on? Because we never experienced such long deployment times before.

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I'd strongly recommend raising a support case for this issue. You're right - it shouldn't happen. But it's very difficult (read: impossible) to troubleshoot from this distance without seeing the CloudFormation template and the pipeline you're using. The support team have some level of visibility into the services so they can help.

answered 2 months ago

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