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Appstream 2.0 Mac Microphone Crashes Appstream Connection and does not Work

We have been serving our application (which requires user microphone input) on appstream 2.0 for roughly a year now with few issues. However, at the beginning of November, Mac users began reporting microphone input had stopped functioning in appstream. Our build of our application and our setup in appstream has not changed. Upon testing, we discovered the following issues on Mac (Chrome and Firefox): In both imagebuilder and normal appstream access via user setup- **After enabling microphone(via settings in upper left), the input seems to be registered in Windows sound settings for a moment, then stops showing. Then the VM or Streaming performance rapidly degrades (laggier and laggier input) until finally the instance freezes. Eventually the screen shows the connecting swirl with "Reconnecting to your session…", and after a few seconds the Appstream instance re-appears *with top left Microphone disabled* and the Appstream functioning as normal.** This has been tested across 5 Macs running the latest Apple update. Our image/imagebuilder is running with the following specs: * Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Base * AppStream 2.0 agent version 10-13-2022 * Graphics design XL instance type We also tested a ‘general purpose XL’ instance type imagebuilder and received the same results. Is anyone having similar issues/does anyone know of a fix? Is this a known bug due to an apple update or otherwise?
asked a day ago