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Autoscaling group points to old version of launch template

Hello, I'm creating a launch template and autoscaling group through cloud formation. The auto-scaling group is currently pointed to the DefaultVersion of the launch template, which is version 1. The latest version of the launch template is version 2. I updated the default version of the launch template to version 3, but I don't see it reflected in the auto-scaling group. I know we update the launch template version through instance refresh, but I would like to know if this is expected behavior to still see version 1 in the autoscaling group even though the default version is now version 2. I want to handle the updates through cloud formation. The problem I'm trying to solve is how do I push changes through cloud formation and handle the updates gracefully in the auto-scaling group. For example - I have two autoscaling groups using the same launch template. Then I decide to update one auto-scaling group to have a different ami. There will be two versions of the launch template, version 1 will have the old ami, and version 2 will have the latest ami. I'd like to gracefully roll out the changes to the autoscaling group 2 through cloud formation. Question 1 - How can I change the auto-scaling group through cloud formation and replace instances gracefully? Question 2 - If I change the version number in the cloud formation template, does it terminate instances first and then redeploy the new ec2 or the other way around?
asked 11 hours ago