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New requester here. I'm getting the "You have exceeded your monthly credit limit" error. Is there any way for a new requester to pre-pay for HITs?

Here's the step-by-step description of my problem. I created a new MTurk requester account, and it seemed to force me into linking that account to AWS billing (instead of pre-paying for HITs as was done in the past). I mean, I looked carefully, and the only way they offered to do the billing was through AWS. So, I linked my Mturk requester account to AWS. And I added a valid credit card to AWS. On AWS Console, under Service Quotas >> AWS Services >> Mechanical Turk, it says the Monthly Usage quota's "Applied quota value" is 1,500. Which, I assume, is US dollars. That's far more than I need to spend on MTurk, so it looks like my monthly credit limit is plenty high. Back on MTurk, at, the top of the page says, "Your account is configured to pay for HITs using AWS Billing. You are not permitted to purchase Prepaid HITs at this time." So, it looks like I'm ready to start paying for HITs to be done. As a first test, I tried to publish a tiny HIT, with a total cost of 54 cents. I've been using MTurk for years as a requester at another organization, so I'm certain I created the HIT correctly. MTurk will not publish that tiny HIT. The error: "You have exceeded your monthly credit limit." As I described above, the monthly usage quota is $1,500, so that doesn't appear to be the reason I can't run a $1 HIT. I would be entirely willing to pre-pay for HITs. I've got a valid credit card in my hand, and I want to use it. But pre-paying doesn't seem to be an option anymore for new requesters. Is that right? Just no way at all anymore? What's the solution/workaround for this "You have exceeded your monthly credit limit"? How is a new requester supposed to pay for HITs?
asked 2 days ago