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How to make/access call recordings filenames

When we add enable Call Recording Behavior in contact flow the call recording files are pushed & stored in S3 with `contactId_timestamp.wav` format file. We can get the contactId using Amazon connect stream API `getContactId()` event. I want to get the recordings of every call after call completed so to get the recordings from S3 i need to pass the key as filename in getObject Api. So, i am trying to automate this in my code as after every single call it will fetch/pull the call recording and add it in my call activity, the same procedural we are experiencing in `Search Contact Flow` as after every call we get a audio file. How to get the timestamp to make and access the call recording files by names? So far i what i have done is: -Used getObject Api to get/downloading the recording by filename. ``` require("dotenv").config(); const expres = require("express"); const app = expres(); app.listen(3001); const aws = require("aws-sdk"); const multer = require("multer"); const multerS3 = require("multer-s3"); aws.config.update({ secretAccessKey: process.env.ACCESS_SECRET, accessKeyId: process.env.ACCESS_KEY, region: process.env.REGION }) const BUCKET = process.env.BUCKET const s3 = new aws.S3(secretAccessKey = process.env.ACCESS_SECRET, accessKeyId = process.env.ACCESS_KEY); app.get("/download/filename", async(req, res)=>{ const filename = req.params.filename let x = await s3.getObject({Bucket:BUCKET, Key:filename}).promise(); res.send(x.Body); }) ```
asked 3 months ago
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