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Chime - Restricting Users from Accessing Services

Hello, Friends. Long time listener, first time caller. I am a longtime AWS user. I recently created a new AWS account for a new business venture that is looking to leverage EC2 and Chime to setup a cloud-based VoIP PBX. The tools AWS offers looks great. However, it seems you can't use them. Whenever I attempt to use Chime to look for Phone Numbers, add a Voice Connector, or investigate the SIP Trunk options, I receive the following error: > *Your service has been restricted. If you feel like you have received this message in error, please submit a support request in the upper right with the category “Voice Calling”* I have investigated this issue via the old AWS support forums, and it looks like I was not alone in my experience. In fact, there were hundreds of other AWS users receiving the same message upon their attempts. The other consistent message from those users was they had received no response from AWS support. I'm happy to report that I did receive a response from AWS Support. However, it's not one that I'm particularly happy to report. The following is the message I received from the support agent who make the inquiry to the Chime service team on my behalf: >*The service team has responded to my request, and they've advised they are not inclined to remove the restriction from your account at this moment. Please see their comments below:* >*"Please let the customer know they should continue their usage of other AWS services, and the limits will go up automatically as the time passes and usage is paid for."* >*These restrictions are put in place to help you gradually ramp up activity and decrease the likelihood of large bills due to sudden, unexpected spikes. Once we have a broader window of usage on your account to review, we are happy to reassess any requests.* I am dumbfounded. It seems there's a group restricting access to this particular service for arbitrary and subjective reasons. In fact, there are no prerequisites indicated for using the services apart from creating the account, establishing a payment method, and agreeing to the terms of service. I'm continuing to pursue this with AWS Support. I've even opted to pay for a support plan in an attempt to demonstrate my legitimacy and the seriousness in which I'm looking to pursue this matter. I know that a number of fellow users have had this experience, and I will continue to update and document my progress here for the benefit of the community.
asked 5 months ago
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