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AWS Rekognition Adding Faces to Collection

I am trying to use the AWS Rekognition Service ( Java SDK ) & adding faces to an existing collection. But I am getting following issue Error :"Request has invalid image format (Service: Rekognition, Status Code: 400, Request ID: 4adc5ed9-3484-420a-bb78-34aebe6d8bbb)" As per the documentation from the below URL for Java, no need to do base64 for images. I am not sure what I am missing here. Can anyone assist here? ************** public class AddFacesToCollection { public static final String collectionId = "vowCollection"; public static final String bucket = "vowvideo"; public static final String photo = "sachin.jpeg"; static LoggerContext loggerContext = (LoggerContext) LoggerFactory.getILoggerFactory(); static { loggerContext.getLogger("org.apache.http").setLevel(Level.INFO); loggerContext.getLogger("com.amazonaws").setLevel(Level.INFO); } public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { AmazonRekognition rekognitionClient = AmazonRekognitionClientBuilder.defaultClient(); Image image = new Image() .withS3Object(new S3Object() .withBucket(bucket) .withName(photo)); IndexFacesRequest indexFacesRequest = new IndexFacesRequest() .withImage(image) .withQualityFilter(QualityFilter.AUTO) .withMaxFaces(1) .withCollectionId(collectionId) .withExternalImageId(photo) .withDetectionAttributes("DEFAULT"); IndexFacesResult indexFacesResult = rekognitionClient.indexFaces(indexFacesRequest); System.out.println("Results for " + photo); System.out.println("Faces indexed:"); List<FaceRecord> faceRecords = indexFacesResult.getFaceRecords(); for (FaceRecord faceRecord : faceRecords) { System.out.println(" Face ID: " + faceRecord.getFace().getFaceId()); System.out.println(" Location:" + faceRecord.getFaceDetail().getBoundingBox().toString()); } List<UnindexedFace> unindexedFaces = indexFacesResult.getUnindexedFaces(); System.out.println("Faces not indexed:"); for (UnindexedFace unindexedFace : unindexedFaces) { System.out.println(" Location:" + unindexedFace.getFaceDetail().getBoundingBox().toString()); System.out.println(" Reasons:"); for (String reason : unindexedFace.getReasons()) { System.out.println(" " + reason); } } } -Snehadeep.
asked a month ago