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add multiple artifacts in zip file

I've got multiple files that I want to publish to my python greengrass component. Currently I have the following in my receipe : "Manifests": \[ { "Name": "Linux", "Platform": { "os": "linux" }, "Lifecycle": { "Run": { "Script": "python3 -u {artifacts:path}/ ", "RequiresPrivilege": "false" } }, "Artifacts": \[ { "URI": "s3://jeteye/components/artifacts/mycomponent/0.1.3/", "Unarchive": "NONE" }, { "URI": "s3://jeteye/components/artifacts/mycomponent/0.1.3/", "Unarchive": "NONE" } ] } ] and during deploy i upload them to s3 using: aws s3 cp ${SCRIPTPATH}/../src/mycomponent/0.0.1/ s3://${BUCKET}/components/artifacts/mycomponent/0.1.3/ aws s3 cp ${SCRIPTPATH}/../src/mycomponent/0.0.1/ s3://${BUCKET}/components/artifacts/mycomponent/0.1.3/ aws greengrassv2 create-component-version --inline-recipe fileb://${SCRIPTPATH}/../deploy/mycomponent.json this works alright. Now I want to put those 2 files in 1 zip file as an artifact like: mkdir -p ${SCRIPTPATH}/../src/mycomponent/tmp cd ${SCRIPTPATH}/../src/mycomponent/0.0.1 ; zip -r ${SCRIPTPATH}/../src/mycomponent/tmp/ * aws s3 cp ${SCRIPTPATH}/../src/mycomponent/tmp/ s3://${BUCKET}/components/artifacts/mycomponent/0.1.14/ and changed my artifacts section of the receipe to: "Artifacts": \[ { "URI": "s3://jeteye/components/artifacts/mycomponent/0.1.4/", "Unarchive": "ZIP" } this doesn't work. the is in s3 , in greengrass.log it shows: 2021-12-01T04:00:21.218Z \[WARN] (pool-2-thread-172) merge-config. merge-config-service BROKEN. {serviceName=mycomponent} 2021-12-01T04:00:21.218Z \[ERROR] (pool-2-thread-172) merge-config. Deployment failed. {deploymentId=e0269c0e-4183-4da1-9733-4a0149e08dee} Service mycomponent in broken state after deployment at at at at$mergeInNewConfig$0( at at$startup$0( at java.base/java.util.concurrent.Executors$ at java.base/ at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ at java.base/ what else needs to be done to be able to upload multiple files in 1 zipped artifact ? what am i missing ?
asked 10 months ago
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