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Can't access userAttributes of listUsersRes.Users in AWS lambda function

I'm filtering out unconfirmed emails in lambda function. I jsut want to access email of every user in my listUsersRes.Users. I have tried for listUsersRes.Users[0].Username it is returning username perfectly. But when I'm trying listUsersRes.Users[0].Email or listUsersRes.Users[0] or listUsersRes.Users[0] it is returning null. I have aslo AttributesToGet: ["email"].But I don't know why it is not working for email. **My function:** ``` exports.handler = async (event, context, callback) => { const cognitoProvider = new aws.CognitoIdentityServiceProvider({apiVersion: "2016-04-18"}); if (event.triggerSource == "PreSignUp_SignUp" ||event.triggerSource == "PreSignUp_AdminCreateUser" || event.triggerSource=="PreSignUp_ExternalProvider") { try { const listUserParams={UserPoolId: event.userPoolId,AttributesToGet: ["email"],Filter: `cognito:user_status= \"${"UNCONFIRMED"}\"`, Limit: 10 }; const listUsersRes = await cognitoProvider.listUsers(listUserParams).promise(); if (listUsersRes.Users.length >= 0) { return callback(new Error(listUsersRes.Users[0].Username), event);//this line I'm modifying to get email attribute form listUsersRes.Users[0] } } catch (error) {return callback(new Error("catch error"), event);} } else { var error = "This provider is not supported"; callback(new Error(error), event); } }; ``` **my permission:** ``` "Sid": "VisualEditor0", "Effect": "Allow", "Action": [ "logs:CreateLogStream", "logs:PutLogEvents", "cognito-idp:AdminInitiateAuth", "cognito-idp:ListUsers", "cognito-idp:AdminUpdateUserAttributes", "cognito-idp:AdminGetUser" ], ```
asked 2 months ago