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Abuse phishing report

I got an email with this title and Description but i don't know how to fix it? is anyone can help me? Sep 08, 10:50 AM UTC We've received a report(s) that your AWS resource(s) listed in the 'Affected resources' tab has been implicated in hosting content that resembles a phishing website. Hosting a phishing website is forbidden in the AWS Acceptable Use Policy ( We've included the original report below for your review. Please take action to stop the reported activity. You would have also received an email notification from with this same report. Please reply directly to that email with details of the corrective actions you have taken. If you do not consider the activity described in these reports to be abusive, please reply to that email with details of your use case. If you're unaware of this activity, it's possible that your environment has been compromised by an external attacker, or a vulnerability is allowing your machine to be used in a way that it was not intended. We are unable to assist you with troubleshooting or technical inquiries. However, for guidance on securing your instance, we recommend reviewing the following resources: * Amazon EC2 Security Groups User Guide: (Linux) (Windows) * Tips for Securing EC2 Instances: (Linux) (Windows) * AWS Security Best Practices: If you require further assistance with this matter, you can take advantage of our developer forums: Or, if you are subscribed to a Premium Support package, you may reach out for one-on-one assistance here: Please remember that you are responsible for ensuring that your instances and all applications are properly secured. If you require any further information to assist you in identifying or rectifying this issue, please let us know in a direct reply to the email you received from Regards,
asked a month ago