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Cloudwatch Log Insights - Line Chart Issues

Hello :wave: We are trying to use Cloudwatch Logs together with Cloudwatch Log Insights to Query through application's logs and visualise the API usage by different consumers. A single log consists of fields such as: - consumer (api user) - controller (base endpoint on which the consumer made a request) - action (exact action on which someone sent a request) Sample entry could look like this (obviously it truncated for the sake of explaining the problem) ``` { consumer: 'test-app-1', controller: 'api/test-controller', action: 'test-action } ``` Now, I would like to find a way in which I can group this in a line chart, for example requests made to different controllers by the consumers over time or exact action requests by consumers over time. I am not sure how to write the query, if I am to be honest, as ``` filter @logStream = 'someLogStream' | fields @timestamp, @message | stats count() by consumer, controller, action ``` does not generate a line chart over time, and adding ``` filter @logStream = 'someLogStream' | fields @timestamp, @message | stats count() by consumer, controller, action, bin(15m) ``` does not change the error message on visualisation screen, which states that: >The data is not suitable for a line chart. Try a bar chart, or group your result by bin function. Can anyone advise on what should I do? For starters, requests over time per consumer would be a nice metric and I believe that once we get to that point, we will be able to modify it per action / per controller. I think that I lack proficiency in the Insights syntax to achieve what I want. Thanks!
asked 14 days ago