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Pre token generation lambda trigger is not working properly in .Net core.

Hello Team, The pre-token generation lambda trigger for Cognito is not working properly for .net core, It is throwing this error: *"error_description=Error+in+SAML+response+processing%3A+Invalid+version+in+Lambda+response.+Version+should+be+1+&error=server_error".* Same event is working fine for node js but it is not working in .net core, here is the payload response which I'm returning from Pre-Token generation lambda trigger for .Net core after modifying the claims: *{ "request": { "groupConfiguration": { "groupsToOverride": [ "us-east-1_P139c87yU_Okta" ], "iamRolesToOverride": [], "preferredRole": null }, "clientMetadata": null, "userAttributes": { "sub": "fb010969-9c01-4533-b12b-c09d454ee10f", "identities": "[{\\"userId\\":\\"\\",\\"providerName\\":\\"Okta\\",\\"providerType\\":\\"SAML\\",\\"issuer\\":\\"*5C*5C*22,*5C*5C*22primary*5C*5C*22:true,*5C*5C*22dateCreated*5C*5C*22:1644401968942*7D**A22__;JSUlJSUlJSUlJSUlJSUlJV0l!!NmrTbz2Y!j8OBTzi57qqJa6c8x7egkmYdRuvuglBU0LwQm17-u2m-pf-EOQrrffVrzMnxkxiy0pE$ , "cognito:user_status": "EXTERNAL_PROVIDER", "email_verified": "false", "email": "" } }, "response": { "claimsOverrideDetails": { "claimsToAddOrOverride": null, "claimsToSuppress": null, "groupOverrideDetails": { "groupsToOverride": [ "User", "us-east-1_P139c87yU_Okta" ], "iamRolesToOverride": [], "preferredRole": null } } }, "version": "1", "triggerSource": "TokenGeneration_HostedAuth", "region": "us-east-1", "userPoolId": "us-east-1_P139c87yU", "userName": "", "callerContext": { "awsSdkVersion": "aws-sdk-unknown-unknown", "clientId": "nbkmuarn0v3pph35s4cnsr7li" } } *
asked 4 months ago
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