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How do I updated a CloudWatch Synthetics Canary layer version number using the AWS CLI?

Hello, I created a CloudWatch Synthetics Canary via a console blueprint I want to update the active layer version ("39" – bolded below) using the AWS CLI I see it in the Code["SourceLocationArn"] attribute in my describe-canary response The [update-canary operation]( doesn't have a SourceLocationArn option for the --code value. How do I updated the layer version number using the AWS CLI? Thank you ``` { "Id": "aae1dc97-773b-47bb-ae72-d0bb54eec60c", "Name": "daily-wisdom-texts", "Code": { ** "SourceLocationArn": "arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:875425895862:layer:cwsyn-daily-wisdom-texts-aae1dc97-773b-47bb-ae72-d0bb54eec60c:39", ** "Handler": "pageLoadBlueprint.handler" }, "ExecutionRoleArn": "arn:aws:iam::875425895862:role/service-role/CloudWatchSyntheticsRole-daily-wisdom-texts-cf9-de04b4eb2bb3", "Schedule": { "Expression": "rate(1 hour)", "DurationInSeconds": 0 }, "RunConfig": { "TimeoutInSeconds": 60, "MemoryInMB": 1000, "ActiveTracing": false }, "SuccessRetentionPeriodInDays": 31, "FailureRetentionPeriodInDays": 31, "Status": { "State": "RUNNING", "StateReasonCode": "UPDATE_COMPLETE" }, "Timeline": { "Created": 1641343713.153, "LastModified": 1652481443.745, "LastStarted": 1652481444.83, "LastStopped": 1641675597.0 }, "ArtifactS3Location": "cw-syn-results-875425895862-us-east-1/canary/us-east-1/daily-wisdom-texts-cf9-de04b4eb2bb3", "EngineArn": "arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:875425895862:function:cwsyn-daily-wisdom-texts-aae1dc97-773b-47bb-ae72-d0bb54eec60c:57", "RuntimeVersion": "syn-python-selenium-1.0", "Tags": { "blueprint": "heartbeat" } } ```
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