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How to use S3 Bucket getObjectTorrent with node js?

Hi i m using node js sdk with serverless aws lambda to getObjectTorrent for object inside s3 bucket but it gives me error "message": "The specified method is not allowed against this resource.", Request: { "Bucket": "my-bucket-name", "Key": "file name with extension", "ExpectedBucketOwner": "my-account-id", "RequestPayer": "requester" } ``` let s3 = new AWS.S3({ region: " us-east-1", endpoint: '', // endpoint: '', accessKeyId: `${event.queryStringParameters.AccessKeyID}`, secretAccessKey: `${event.queryStringParameters.SecretAccessKey}`, }); let params: AWS.S3.GetObjectTorrentRequest = { Bucket: event.body.Bucket, // Key: `${event.body.Key}`, Key: event.body.Key, ExpectedBucketOwner: event.body.ExpectedBucketOwner, RequestPayer: event.body.RequestPayer, }; console.log(params); let data = await s3.getObjectTorrent(params).promise(); return formatJSONResponse( { data, }, 200 ); ``` Error Message: "message": "Internal server", "error": { "message": "The specified method is not allowed against this resource.", "code": "MethodNotAllowed", "region": null, "time": "2022-02-03T09:53:50.202Z", "requestId": "9KMFF5C74NPN1BHY", "extendedRequestId": "Jpog5Y5godEIJP8+9EJlv+VbCz8QK8UewsR8f/fH7039KrSBTDjcG1SyGhkdocUd8e+VhrXQVgk=", "statusCode": 405, "retryable": false, "retryDelay": 8.720824387981164 }
asked 4 months ago
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