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StartCallAnalyticsJob : User is not authorized to access this resource

Hi everybody, I wanna ask you about AWS Transcribe Analytics Call. API is well with AWS Transcribe but I need also sentiment Analysis, so I try to use AWS Transcribe Analytics. There is my code : ``` from __future__ import print_function import time import boto3 transcribe = boto3.client('transcribe', 'us-east-1') job_name = "my-first-call-analytics-job" job_uri = "PATH_S3_TO_WAV_WHO_HAD_WORD_FOR_AWS_TRANSCRIBE" output_location = "PATH_TO_CREATED_FOLDER" data_access_role = "arn:aws:s3:::MY_BUCKET_NAME_WHERE_WAV_FILES" transcribe.start_call_analytics_job( CallAnalyticsJobName = job_name, Media = { 'MediaFileUri': job_uri }, DataAccessRoleArn = data_access_role, OutputLocation = output_location, ChannelDefinitions = [ { 'ChannelId': 0, 'ParticipantRole': 'AGENT' }, { 'ChannelId': 1, 'ParticipantRole': 'CUSTOMER' } ] ) while True: status = transcribe.get_call_analytics_job(CallAnalyticsJobName = job_name) if status['CallAnalyticsJob']['CallAnalyticsJobStatus'] in ['COMPLETED', 'FAILED']: break print("Not ready yet...") time.sleep(5) print(status) ``` I had done aws configure and I use a IAM user who have AdministratorAccess. > **botocore.exceptions.ClientError: An error occurred (AccessDeniedException) when calling the StartCallAnalyticsJob operation: User: MY_ARN_USER is not authorized to access this resource** Any help please ? Thank you very much!
asked 5 months ago
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