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Cost Anomaly Detection in Cloudformation

I'm trying to set up a Cost Anomaly Detection monitor + subscription in Cloudformation. Creating this via the AWS Console is very easy and user friendly. I set up a monitor with Linked Account, with a subscription that has a threshold of $100 with daily alert frequency, sending alerts to an e-mail. Trying to do the above was not as clear when following the documentation and examples at The documentation does not explain what "dimension" or "type" means in this context, and those terms are not used in the AWS Console. ``` Resources: AnomalyMonitor100Dollars: Type: AWS::CE::AnomalyMonitor Properties: MonitorName: AnomalyDetected_is_greater_than_100_dollars MonitorType: CUSTOM MonitorSpecification: !Sub ' { "Dimensions" : { "Key" : "LINKED_ACCOUNT", "Values" : [ "${AWS::AccountId}" ] } }' AnomalySubscription: Type: AWS::CE::AnomalySubscription Properties: SubscriptionName: AnomalyDetected_is_greater_than_100_dollars Threshold: 100 Frequency: DAILY MonitorArnList: - !Ref AnomalyMonitor100Dollars Subscribers: [ { "Type": "EMAIL", "Address": "" } ] ``` Using the above, Cloudformation reports the error > "Linked accounts can only create AWS Services monitor (Service: CostExplorer, Status Code: 400..." Guessing wildly, adding `'MonitorDimension: SERVICE'` to the monitor gives the error > "MonitorDimension must be null for Custom monitor (Service: CostExplorer, Status Code: 400..." Guessing more wildly, trying to change to `'MonitorType: DIMENSIONAL'` gives the error > "Expression must be null for Dimensional monitor (Service: CostExplorer, Status Code: 400..." No idea what expression this refers to. I'm sure this is logical once you know the implementation, but I have no idea how to do this the correct way. What am I missing?
asked 5 months ago
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