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Redshift serverless data api sql calls

Hi, I am new to Redshift serverless and working on a Lambda function to connect to serverless database using Python redshift Data API and execute bunch of SQL and stored procedures that are stored in a Nexus repository artifact. I am seeing errors when I try to execute SQL statements read from a file as a string. Here is an example of a DDL from one of the scripts. -- Table Definitions -- ---------------------------------- -- test1 ----------------------- -- ---------------------------------- DROP TABLE IF EXISTS test1; CREATE TABLE test1 ( id varchar(32), name varchar(64) DEFAULT NULL, grade varchar(64) DEFAULT NULL, zip varchar(5) DEFAULT NULL -- test2 -------------------------- -- ---------------------------------- DROP TABLE IF EXISTS test2; CREATE TABLE test2( id varchar(32), user_id varchar(32) DEFAULT NULL, hnum varchar(6), ts_created timestamp DEFAULT NULL, ts_updated timestamp DEFAULT NULL -- and few other tables in the same script The function runs fine if I hard code the sql query in the code and I don't see any syntax or other errors with the sql file contents since I could run those using Redshift query editor by manually copy n pasting all the DDLs. Am I missing anything or using data API is not the right approach for this use case? Error and Traceback from the lambda function execution: During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/var/runtime/", line 60, in <module> main() File "/var/runtime/", line 57, in main awslambdaricmain.main([os.environ["LAMBDA_TASK_ROOT"], os.environ["_HANDLER"]]) File "/var/runtime/awslambdaric/", line 21, in main, handler, lambda_runtime_api_addr) File "/var/runtime/awslambdaric/", line 405, in run handle_event_request( File "/var/runtime/awslambdaric/", line 165, in handle_event_request xray_fault = make_xray_fault(etype.__name__, str(value), os.getcwd(), tb_tuples) FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
asked 14 days ago