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AppConfig usage with AWS Java SDK v2

Hello, The Java SDK for AppConfig changed between versions v1 and v2. Dependencies below: * v1: `com.amazonaws:aws-java-sdk-appconfig:1.12.257` * v2: `` (needs `platform(" .awssdk:bom:2.17.228")` The question is: how to fetch an AppConfig configuration profile value from Java using the v2 API? Is there a code example available? I was able to find a code example about how to use the v1 API: However, I am unable to find a code example for the same purpose for the v2 API. I have some partial progress: * This will provide the AWS AppConfig client: ``` public AppConfigClient buildV2() { return AppConfigClient.create(); } ``` * This will call AppConfig to get a configuration profile response: ``` private GetConfigurationProfileResponse fetchConfigurationResult(ConfigurationProfiles.Key configurationProfileKey) { GetConfigurationProfileRequest request = GetConfigurationProfileRequest.builder() .applicationId(application) // environment? .configurationProfileId(profileName) .build(); GetConfigurationProfileResponse response = appConfigClient.getConfigurationProfile(request); return response; } ``` What I don't know are: * How to pass the AppConfig environment to the `GetConfigurationProfileRequest` instance * I understand I have to get an AppConfig token between the calls tp `create` and `fetchConfigurationResult`. How to use the v2 API to get that token? * After getting the `GetConfigurationProfileResponse` instance, how to use it for getting the actual configuration profile value? The v1 API has some methods in the `GetConfigurationResult` class like `getContentType` and `getContent` Thanks
asked a month ago
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