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EKS: "There are no available nodes for LoadBalancer"

Hi there, I am trying to deploy EKS managed by ArgoCD and deployed with Pulumi. The setup is as follows: ```python #pulumi_IaC/ ... argo = k8s.helm.v3.Release( "argocd", args=k8s.helm.v3.ReleaseArgs( chart="argo-cd",, repository_opts=k8s.helm.v3.RepositoryOptsArgs( repo="" ), values={ "server": { "service": { "type": "LoadBalancer", } } }, ), opts=pulumi.ResourceOptions(provider=provider, parent=ns), ) app_ns = k8s.core.v1.Namespace( "sock-shop", metadata={ "name": "sock-shop", }, opts=pulumi.ResourceOptions(provider=provider, parent=cluster), ) argo_app = app.argoproj.v1alpha1.Application( "sock-shop", metadata=k8s.meta.v1.ObjectMetaArgs(name="sock-shop",, spec=app.argoproj.v1alpha1.ApplicationSpecArgs( destination=app.argoproj.v1alpha1.ApplicationSpecDestinationArgs(, server="https://kubernetes.default.svc" ), project="default", source=app.argoproj.v1alpha1.ApplicationSpecSourceArgs( path="sock-shop", repo_url="", target_revision="HEAD", ), sync_policy=app.argoproj.v1alpha1.ApplicationSpecSyncPolicyArgs( automated={} ) ), opts=pulumi.ResourceOptions(provider=provider, depends_on=[argo, app_ns]), ) ``` Viewing the cluster through Kube Lens showes the following message: "There are no available nodes for LoadBalancer" | argocd-7483fb39-server. I am not sure if this or something else is the reason I can't access the application from my machine... How can I access the sock-shop frontend?
asked 4 months ago