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Amazon WorkSpaces and Trouble Shooting

We recently rolled out 50 WorkSpaces to a division of the company and when things are all working properly, things work great! However, when there are issues, we struggle so I'm here looking for some best practices. Due to corporate policies, we only run the WorkSpaces Web Client. The native clients aren't allowed on our corporate machines... Our most common issue is at the start of the day a user will log in to the web client, their machine will start up (I can verify this at the console) but they'll just go to a spinning "connecting" page forever. There's no apparent reason why. We try a variety of things, but I'm never sure what actually solves the issue: * Close the browser tab, then close the browser. * Re-open the browser, try again. * No luck? Clear cache/cookies in the browser, try again. * Try another browser! * Still no luck? Stop the WorkSpaces machine via the AWS console, try again At some point in this dance, things usually work. And I should be clear. For all users, we're in great shape over 95% of the time. There's no consistency in anyone person having more issues than any other. What else should we be trying? There's precious little info in the console so we're sort of flying blind here. This weekend we had an issue where NOBODY could connect. This morning still nobody could connect (35 people all over the city/country). Support, of course, wanted to zero in on one random machine and get network logs from it. We'll never know what the issue was because at 7:30 AM all of the sudden EVERYONE connected. Lol. How do you root cause analyze that? ;-)
asked 2 days ago