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Trouble with AWS lambda runtime API with docker image

## Short version I am running a lambda function in a docker container, and all executions are marked as failures with a Runtime.ExitError, even though I am using the runtime API and the lambda added as on_success destination is running. ## Longer version, with context I have a setup with a bunch of functions chained using API invocations and destinations. One of them requires a custom runtime (handler is a PHP command), I have been using a docker image for that. In order to get it running correctly, I am getting the request ID in the entrypoint, and in the command, running both my command and a curl to the runtime API, like so: ``` CMD ["/bin/bash", "-c", "/app/bin/my-super-command && curl --silent -X POST \"http://${AWS_LAMBDA_RUNTIME_API}/2018-06-01/runtime/invocation/${REQUEST_ID}/response\" -d 'SUCCESS'"] ``` I know the request id is correct (I am printing it in the entrypoint), and at the end of the logs, I am getting the following lines (edited of course): ``` End of my-super-command {"status":"OK"} END RequestId: 123456-abcd-1234-abcd-12345678910 REPORT RequestId: 123456-abcd-1234-abcd-12345678910 Duration: 39626.80 ms Billed Duration: 39777 ms Memory Size: 384 MB Max Memory Used: 356 MB Init Duration: 149.26 ms RequestId: 123456-abcd-1234-abcd-12345678910 Error: Runtime exited without providing a reason Runtime.ExitError Beginning of the entrypoint ``` The first line is from my command, the second line looks is the output from the curl (it looks like a success, and the API documentation seems to agree with me), but as we can see, the call seems to be marked as failed later. The weird stuff: * The lambda logs a failure even though the Runtime API returns an OK to my call for success * The lambda is marked as failed in the monitoring * The function I put after this one in the workflow, in a destination, with the `on_success` condition, runs ! The problems I have had, and then processed: * I am getting the request id with a combination of grep/sed/trim because there's a \r somewhere, that's not optimal but I am printing it and appears correctly (I have printed the full curl command too, just in case) * I have had issues with timeout/OOM, but as you can see above, it is not the case here. Am I missing something here ? Maybe I did not understand the usage of the runtime API. As you can see the next run seems to be launched but interrupted, so there might be some timing issue.
asked 15 hours ago