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Verification Team is disrupting my work .... again

Hi, I need to contact a member of the verification team as soon as possible, I am having way too many issues with verification and I have to know what is going on. I have several complaints "against" the verification team, which I will detail later, this is a resume: - No customized messages, all messages are copy-paste. - Erratic, same documents, sometimes accepted, sometimes rejected. - Unresponsive, may take up to a month to respond. - Verification deadlines are set, sometimes the deadline fires because the verification team did not respond, leading to the account being suspended. - One account suspended may trigger all other accounts being suspended, when the first account gets restored, the accounts that were suspended, remain suspended, you have to fight weeks/months to restore them too, one by one. - Inaccurate "associated accounts", they may ban an account because they say it is related to other closed accounts yet it is not, multiple people may use same IP, if I get suspended, my roommates should not just because they use the same IP, they have their own IDs too, verify their IDs before banning them. - Does not give a single explanation, I got banned dozens of times, then restored dozens of times, passed the verification successfully dozens of times, never got a single call to apology for all the nightmare I have to go through. I am a student but also a part-time freelancer doing development and security, I create one AWS account per project I am assigned. I have been using AWS since 4 years, but for professional work only used it 1.5 years, I always paid my AWS invoices. I NEED to work on AWS to do make my living, I really need to. All these problems are disrupting my work as well as reducing my income causing me a lot of trouble and stress. I am from one country (permanent home) but study in another country. I have documentation for both, I may sign in from both locations but I always use my permanent's home address as the account's address as that's permanent, the other is just a temporary rent address. I use as a payment method a virtual credit card generated from my banking app, I use virtual credit cards as they are easy to rotate and to manage (I have one virtual credit card for an AWS account, another virtual credit card for groceries shopping, etc), but I also have a physical credit card which has my name written on it, but I never use it for security reasons. All my suspended accounts get sooner or later restored after countless hours of writing messages to the verification team, a lot of effort, sometimes contacting support too. I did not use to have problems with verification but started to have lots of them starting months ago, back in the time I was showing only a couple of documents and get verified, now I showed: - ID - Bank statement with 1 to 12 months transactions occurred with my bank account, it has **DOZENS** of AWS charges from previous months. - Light bill. (On my father's name) - Water bill. (On my father's name) - Picture of Telephone card appearing the phone number. - Selfie holding my ID + physical credit card (it has my name written on it). - Picture of my banking app listing the credit cards I own, including the physical which is shown in the selfie, and the credit card used for the account. On my name - Sometimes I also show proof of the other location where I live (census). On my name - Sometimes I also show my father's ID as the Light and Water bill are on his name, we share the same Last Name and address too of course. - My public Developer and Security profile links. It all started months ago, since then, I was asked to pass the verification team dozens of times, literally, the cycle is ask for verification, reject all my above documentation, get suspended, after several emails asking to review, I recover the account, when the account gets suspended sometimes it leads to other accounts getting banned due to the disheartening message: "We took this action because our records show that this account is related to previously closed accounts." Despite showing the above documentation It was not enough I was still getting banned, their message is a copy-paste, always the same, they say either that "... previous closed accounts" or if they give an opportunity to upload the documents they say: "we could not verify your payment details", I was so depressed of getting suspended that I once even recorded a **VIDEO** of me going through my documentation, showing my Geolocation live. One week later I got my accounts unbanned, it seems to have worked, but the verification team is back on track, they keep banning me again. Sometimes with the same documentation, I get a response in a day, sometimes in a month, sometimes I get two messages at once for 2 accounts for which I uploaded the same documentation, one message says they removed the hold for the account so it is unbanned, but the message for the second account says they rejected the documentation ... w*f? Sometimes yes sometimes no for the same documentation??!!! I hate this game. I have been months fighting against this nonsense and humiliations, countless hours wasted sending emails to verification team, while my accounts were being recovered very slowly, I kept creating other accounts to keep working, soon later, I was getting them banned too with the message of " ... associated accounts ... " as their system detects it is the same owner I guess. I was very easily entering a loop, I need accounts to keep working, I create another account but it gets banned because I have "associated" accounts closed. At this stage one of my 2 locations is completely burned, any account being created from it gets automatically suspended, I have two roommates getting banned too yet they have nothing to do with this, just because they signed up using the same IP, they were linked to me and got banned, one of them it was their very first AWS account. The other location is getting to get burned too, it gets even worse, even after restoring my accounts, if I create a new account for a project from my home, it gets very limited: 1-2 max Org member accounts (instead of 10), 1-2 EC2 VMs (instead of 20?) .... I can't anymore. To improve a little bit the "user experience" I noticed that changing the phone number works and can create a new account for another project .. only for some days before getting suspended too, so I began using different phone numbers to keep working on my assignments. Up to this moment I have used 6 different phone numbers, I can't keep up with this. It is very damaging. It is unacceptable for me to act like if I was criminal hiding myself afraid of getting banned yet again for no reason, can't sleep peacefully because I am afraid that AWS will suspend my account and put my automation to enter an error loop and potentially corrupt the data and disrupt my application's service. It is humiliating having to show the ID of my father just to justify his name appearing in the Light bill, or even worse having to show my selfie with the ID card and credit card or even doing a 5 minutes video going through my documentation, it is humiliating to let somebody do this just to not have his accounts suspended. I am not gonna do that anymore. Next time, I will show my ID and my bank statement like any other AWS user does, no selfie, no video. I use Azure, Hetzner, DigitalOcean, GCP none asked that except DigitalOcean they asked ONCE a selfie holding my ID, that's it. I need to talk to somebody in the verification team as soon as possible to tell me what do they want from me, why the information I provided is sometimes accepted, sometimes it is not, and request unblocking the remaining accounts which I still have a few, and my locations, I should be able to sign up like any legitimate user and being able to work on AWS without being afraid of getting cut in the middle of the night. I should not be buying different phone numbers just to be able to work on AWS for few days, I want to be able to use one single phone number and be OK like any other legitimate user. I can not keep up with this anymore, contacting support does not work, they are very slow, the rate of getting my accounts suspended is a lot higher than the rate of getting them restored and the issue is not just restoring the accounts, I will get them banned anyway soon after, I need to talk to somebody and I am not gonna go anywhere, I will keep posting here seeking for an explanation, sending emails asking what is the problem, if I travel to USA someday I will go to your office and ask for an explanation too, this is way too much. Please contact me either by phone (I have active 2 of the 6 phones I signed up with) or by email or by Twitter (preferred):
asked a year ago