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Query JSON files from S3 with Athena

Hello, Can someone please help? I set up a trail to audit all TLS calls in the account and saved all logs in S3. I tried to query the logs from S3 with Athena. This is the query I created: ``` CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE cloudtrail_logs_tls_calls ( eventVersion STRING, userIdentity STRUCT< type: STRING, principalId: STRING, arn: STRING, accountId: STRING, accessKeyId: STRING, sessionContext: STRUCT< sessionIssuer: STRUCT< type: STRING, principalId: STRING, arn: STRING, accountId: STRING, userName: STRING>>>, eventTime STRING, eventSource STRING, eventName STRING, awsRegion STRING, sourceIpAddress STRING, userAgent STRING, requestParameters STRUCT< maxResults: STRING>, responseElements STRING, requestId STRING, eventId STRING, eventType STRING, managementEvent STRING, recipientAccountId STRING, eventCategory STRING, tlsDetails STRUCT< tlsVersion: STRING, cipherSuite: STRING, clientProvidedHostHeader: STRING> ) COMMENT 'CloudTrail table for <bucket_name> bucket' ROW FORMAT SERDE '' STORED AS INPUTFORMAT '' OUTPUTFORMAT '' LOCATION 's3://<bucket_name>/AWSLogs/<Acccount_Number>/CloudTrail/' TBLPROPERTIES ('classification'='cloudtrail'); ``` Then, when preview the table. I get this error: ![Enter image description here](/media/postImages/original/IMqzXKwK03SCufTBjRPK_6-Q) Thank you in advance for help,
asked 13 days ago