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Partition Projection for vpcflow logs in parquet with hive compatible prefixes

I am not sure if what I am asking for is possible or not, as I don't fully understand Athena and glue and all the nuances of how partition projection works. I am trying to switch all of our vpcflow logs from writing to CloudWatch Logs to writing directly to s3 in parquet format with hive compatible prefixes turned on. I have successfully gotten my parquet table and schema to work by loading the partitions using MSCK REPAIR TABLE. Initially I was going to call it done, but I'm worried about how long MSCK REPAIR TABLE will take to run to load new partitions and we are centralizing our vpcflow logs from many accounts into one s3 bucket. I also don't know if there is any cost implications the more objects in the bucket. So my thought was to use partition projection, which has the added benefit of not having to run a MSCK REPAIR TABLE on a scheduled basis. I haven't seen any examples of someone using partition projection with parquet formatted objects or hive compatible s3 prefixes. Can someone confirm if this is possible? Should I not be using hive compatible prefixes in this scenario? Here is what my glue table looks like where I am trying to use partition projection. It is from a Cloudformation Template so the base bucket name is a param but should be enough information to examine where I am going wrong: ``` GlueTableVpcFlowParquet: Type: AWS::Glue::Table Properties: CatalogId: Ref: AWS::AccountId DatabaseName: Ref: GlueDatabase TableInput: Name: Fn::Join: - '' - - Ref: TableNameVPCFlowParquet - Ref: CIAppend TableType: EXTERNAL_TABLE Parameters: skip.header.line.count: '1' projection.enabled: 'true' projection.aws_account_id.type: injected projection.year.type: integer projection.year.range: 2022,9999 projection.month.type: integer projection.month.range: 01,12 # projection.month.digits: '2' integer 01,31 projection.aws_region.type: enum projection.aws_region.values: Ref: TableRegions storage.location.template: Fn::Join: - '' - - Ref: TableLocationVpcFlowParquet - "/awslogs/aws-account-id=${aws_account_id}/aws-service=vpcflowlogs/aws-region=${aws_region}/year=${year}/month=${month}/day=${day}" PartitionKeys: - Name: aws_account_id Type: string - Name: aws_region Type: string - Name: year Type: int - Name: month Type: int - Name: day Type: int StorageDescriptor: Columns: - Name: version Type: int - Name: account_id Type: string - Name: interface_id Type: string - Name: srcaddr Type: string - Name: dstaddr Type: string - Name: srcport Type: int - Name: dstport Type: int - Name: protocol Type: bigint - Name: packets Type: bigint - Name: bytes Type: bigint - Name: start Type: bigint - Name: end Type: bigint - Name: action Type: string - Name: log_status Type: string Location: Fn::Join: - '' - - Ref: TableLocationVpcFlowParquet - "" InputFormat: OutputFormat: SerdeInfo: SerializationLibrary: BucketColumns: [] SortColumns: [] ``` Object prefixes in s3 look like this: s3://<bucketName>/AWSLogs/aws-account-id=012345678912/aws-service=vpcflowlogs/aws-region=us-east-1/year=2022/month=11/day=10/012345678912_vpcflowlogs_us-east-1_fl-003e10087957dd87a_20221110T1850Z_33d78e4c.log.parquet I run Athena search like this: SELECT * FROM "iaasdatasources"."vpcflowlogsparquet" WHERE aws_account_id='012345678912' and aws_region='us-east-1' and year=2022 and month=11 and day=14 limit 10 It seems to run for 20 seconds but returns zero results and no errors. Also if anyone has advice on doing a data_time partition projection instead of separate year month day partitions, that would be helpful. I wasn't sure what the format of should be considering the date locations in the path are hive formatted year=<year>/month=<month>/day=<day>
asked 14 days ago