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Out of recourse to contact WAF team

I had to make an account and this is the best place I could find where I could file a case. If there is some e-mail or a different sector you can directly forward me to, please inform where I should go. I speak in name of the Brazilian ISP DataCorpore, AS28271, we have thousands of IP addresses and thousands of clients and right now many of our prefixes have been incorrectly listed at AWS' firewall WAF as a proxy provider. While we do have an IDC and it's possible for some of our clients to host such services, these span only a small portion of our prefixes. Right now many of the prefixes being blocked by AWS firewall are in fact for broadband and commercial internet use and because of such a large portion of websites being hosted in AWS we have hundreds of clients that cannot access many websites due to denied access (error 403). We request to have these listing on our prefixes (whois AS28271) removed from the WAF anonymous IP list or at least have it readjusted to correctly reflect our prefixes used for such means. I can see that a similar question has been asked before on the forums [here]( but it was largely misunderstood, instructing the user to contact their ISP to somehow get it fixed when it is completely out of their ISP's control, an answer that really hits home for us since that's exactly what our own clients have been doing and we are left powerless to solve it. We are not an AWS client and we would like to get this resolved directly with AWS.
asked 4 months ago