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KMS events are not being excluded form CloudTrail Management Events

Hi everyone! I recently struggled with some CloudTrail costs in my account, to give some context, I enabled DynamoDB Global tables for two regions, using encryption with a CMK in the primary region and creating a replica of this key in the second one. The thing is, after setting up the global table, the CloudTrail costs started to significantly increasing, I notice that most of the events recorded were `Decrypt` events with the source IP address `` and the event source was ``. As you might guess, the trail wasn't excluding AWS KMS events for management events, and after changing the configuration I expected those costs to decrease again but they keep the same, also, the event history still shows management events from ``. **Is there something I might be missing?** This is the Terraform configuration I'm using for setting up CloudTrail. ``` resource "aws_cloudtrail" "security" { name = "security" s3_bucket_name = var.supervising_cloudtrail.s3_bucket_name s3_key_prefix = "audit" kms_key_id = var.supervising_cloudtrail.kms_key_arn enable_log_file_validation = true enable_logging = true is_multi_region_trail = true include_global_service_events = true insight_selector { insight_type = "ApiCallRateInsight" } event_selector { read_write_type = "All" include_management_events = true exclude_management_event_sources = [""] data_resource { type = "AWS::Lambda::Function" values = ["arn:aws:lambda"] } data_resource { type = "AWS::S3::Object" values = ["arn:aws:s3:::"] } data_resource { type = "AWS::DynamoDB::Table" values = ["arn:aws:dynamodb"] } } } ```
asked 2 months ago