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Exam Revoked After PASSING - Bad Experience with PSI Online (AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam)

I want to report an extremely bad experience giving the AWS Solution Architect Associate (SAA-C02) exam on 01/22/2022. Apologies if this is not the right place to post this experience as I did not find any other forum to post exam-related experiences. I appeared for AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (CONFIRMATION NUMBER: G81923108) on 01/22/2022. I was able to start the exam after 30 minutes of struggle in getting the PSI software loaded and working. I followed all the guidelines and requirements of the proctor and gave my full 130-minute attention to the exam. After completing the exam, I submitted the exam for the result and was very happy to see the screen "Grade: PASS. Congratulation! You have successfully passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect .... Within 5 business days, you will receive an email stating your exam result ......" After that, I thought that the exam is now over, as I sat for another 30 seconds and did not see any notification from Proctor or any other dialog on the PASS result screen. I took the photo of the screen from my mobile to keep it for my records so that I don't lose my result and have proof. Right then I saw a screen stating your exam is terminated due to a violation of taking photos and within 10 seconds screen closed. I called PSI and explained the matter that I completed the exam and saw the result on the screen as "PASS". Only after that, I take the picture. They opened a ticket but says you need to contact AWS for resolution. This is a very frustrating situation as after 9 days, today 02/01, and I gave exam on 01/22, there is no update on the AWS certification page and also no update on the PSI website related to the result. It's not acceptable for AWS/PSI to make candidates suffer and lose belief in the certification process.
asked 10 months ago