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Bug Report: EventBridge Schedules Console does not set "launchType" for ECS RunTask, breaks Assign Public IP

**Issue Description:** When creating a schedule on the EventBridge Schedules Console that uses ECS RunTask, the schedule fails to include `launchType` in its `requestParameters` when it is set. This breaks the ability to set Assign Public IP with the error "Assign public IP is not supported for this launch type." Likely related to this issue: **Steps to Reproduce:** 1. Create a new schedule in the EventBridge Schedules console. 2. Choose ECS RunTask as the Target. 3. Under the RunTask config section, set Compute Options > Launch type to `FARGATE` 4. Set Configure Network Configuration > Auto-assign Public IP to `ENABLED` RunTask will fail with logs in CloudTrail similar to the following: ``` "errorCode": "InvalidParameterException", "errorMessage": "Assign public IP is not supported for this launch type.", "requestParameters": { "cluster": "arn:aws:ecs:XXXXX:XXXXX:cluster/XXXX", "count": 1, "enableECSManagedTags": true, "enableExecuteCommand": false, "networkConfiguration": { "awsvpcConfiguration": { "assignPublicIp": "ENABLED", "subnets": [ "subnet-XXXXX" ] } }, "overrides": {}, "placementConstraints": [], "placementStrategy": [], "platformVersion": "1.4.0", "startedBy": "chronos-schedule/XXXXX", "tags": [], "taskDefinition": "arn:aws:ecs:XXXXX:XXXXX:task-definition/XXXXX:X" }, ``` Notably, `launchType` is missing from `requestParameters` even through `assignPublicIp` was successfully set. **Workaround:** I was able to finish my desired test by [manually creating a schedule using the AWS CLI]( Then, I had no further issue implementing the request in the actual Lambda function being developed. However, this issue was an obstacle to testing and debugging.
asked 2 days ago