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How to define API Gateway to Eventbridge integration?

I am building an API Gateway (v1) integration such that posts to a given endpoint should route the body of the POST to my custom eventbus in Eventbridge. I have created the gateway endpoints, event bus etc but I am struggling with the definition of the integration. I am doing this in Terraform, which basically wraps the AWS API for PutIntegration and I cannot seem to figure out the correct format of the request-parameters map required by AWS. since eventbus payloads have a specific structure, I assume I need to build the map to construct that payload. I also saw a post about needing a custom X-Amz-Target header as well. Are there any AWS documented examples of just how to build this integration & mapping? My attempts invariably lead to an error response along the lines of: *Error updating API Gateway Integration: BadRequestException: Invalid mapping expression specified: Validation Result: warnings : [], errors : [Invalid mapping expression specified: tagmodernization-dev-us-west-2-eventbus-information-reporting, Invalid mapping expression specified: integration.request.body.Entries[0].EventBusName]* mapping variations I have tried include: integration.request.body.EventBusName integration.request.body.Entries[0].EventBusName] EventBusName I realize I can achieve a similar goal using VTL with the request templates capability, but I am still unclear on the output format of the mapping anyway.
asked 3 months ago